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The Signboard on Moniot Road
Flowering Witch Hazel planted by the Governor in 1989.

Moniot Road

By Forest Ang

Moniot Road was one of the earliest bridle paths on Penang Hill that is of special historical and botanical significant. It was here that the early botanists of Penang collected many of the hill flora specimens now found in the major herbarium around the world. Among the important botanists was Charles Curtis who established the Penang Botanical Gardens in 1884 (covering 30 ha before the establishment of the quarry garden)

Moniot Road road was named after Major McNair, a government surveyor who laid the path around 1825 stretching from “Halfway House” at the foot of “Highlands" (which had been the hill residence of James Scott) and extending southwards to “Mon Sejour” and Brothers' Bungalow (or “The Retreat”). "Halfway House" is now a store and restroom at the famous teakiosk 84. "Highland" is the popular Bukit Cendana or Poh Yau Sua.

In 1989, the Governor of Penang walked this heritage trail and planted two trees among them was the native tree called witch hazel (Maingaya malayana).


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