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The Entrance To Canopy Walkway
The Hanging Walkway

Canopy Walkway

By Forest Ang

Penang Hill Canopy Walkway has an average of 327m above ground level and was built by the Public Works Department (JKR). It was opened to the public in October 2002. It was misteriously closed in September 2005 siting the termite problems. After some two years of closure, it seemed the JKR had been consulted to rectify the situation and had ensure the walkway was safe. Penang Tourism authority said the work was carried out 8 to 9 months ago to strengthen the ropes and certain connective points. It is now safe. Reopened on 15 July 2007. It is about 1.7km from the top station. You can either walk or pay RM5 at the Top Station to transport you to the Canopy Walkway.

Previously, manned by the local authority and entrance is free. The Penang Hill Canopy Walkway is now leased to the owner of Bellevue Hotel and you need to pay an admission fee to enter.
Adult = RM5
Children = RM3


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